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Pellet heating stoves

Pellet cicle

The pellet is a fuel made from natural wood. It has a high calorific value and, thanks to the almost regular form, is suitable for use in boilers or stoves with automatic loading and it’s easy to carry and store. Being obtained from trees specifically grown, is one of the most ecological fuels existing because the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted during combustion is the same as the plant has absorbed during its life. Wood and wood pellets are considered renewable sources of energy that allows clean combustion and they don’t alter the delicate ecological balance of our planet. Moreover, to draw energy from biomass can reduce dependence on fossil sources like petroleum.

The latest novelty in Termovana are pellet heating stoves, which can be considered the technological evolution of traditional stoves, but with all the features and advantages of a real boiler. With its large fireplace, enclosed by a cover glass, evoking the atmosphere of the traditional wood fireplace. The main advantage of heating pellet stoves is the opportunity to produce hot water for space heating and in some cases domestic hot water, too.


Termovana Ecological Heating, thanks to the long experience accumulated over decades and complete knowledge of every single requirement of the final customer is able to offer a wide range of products.
Inside the Company are made all the main types of gas boilers: open chamber, close chamber and condensation.
The range of products which Termovana offers to the market is without doubt one of the largest and most complete in the industry, not only nationally, but also in Europe.
All models are technologically advanced and also each boiler that leaves the factory, provides maximum security and utter reliability in compliance with all the standards rules and existing regulations.

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